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Player's Name: Cupcake
Characters Played Here: Lydia Martin
Character: Clarke Griffin
Series/Canon: The 100 (TV Series)
From When? Blood Will Have Blood, Part 2

History: Clarke Griffin on The 100 Wiki.


Clarke grew up in a society where adherence to the law was paramount, and even minor infractions could end up with someone being floated (put into an airlock and flushed out into the void of space.) It's remarkable that despite that, Clarke grew up believing that it was more important to do what's right rather than what's legal. This serves her well when she is sent down with the others of the 100 to Earth. While no one on the Ark lived an especially luxurious lifestyle, Clarke was the child of two highly influential officers and so was able to have advantages and education that many her age couldn't. In a way she has always carried an expectation placed on her by others that she, along with her good friend Wells Jaha, were future leaders of their society. When she is arrested and Confined, she spends a year in what is effectively solitary, and it doesn't seem to traumatize her, indicating she has strong willpower, which also could arguably be construed as being quite stubborn.

Clarke is extremely loyal to those she considers friends, but she can hold grudges in the long term. The best examples of this are her relationship with Wells Jaha, who she believes betrayed her and reported her father resulting in his execution. She later finds out that it wasn't Jaha but her mother, and it creates a rift between Clarke and her only living parent which, even after their reunion, remains a sore point of contention between them.

She takes on a leadership role amongst the 100, serving as the opposite side of the spectrum to Bellamy Blake. When Bellamy supports a more laissez-faire attitude to how the teens will govern themselves, Clarke promotes order. When his instincts lead them to war, it is Clarke who counsels peace. This doesn't mean that Clarke won't resort to violence if necessary, but for her it is truly a last resort. However, once she commits to a tactic, she is capable of seeing it through. After threatening to kill the President of Mount Weather if his son does not release their hostages, she shoots and kills the President when her demands are not met. Her charisma as a leader carries enough weight that she is able to take over as the lead negotiator when the Sky People seek an alliance with the Grounders, and her strenth of will and conviction attractive to the point where event their own leader, Lexa, also known as the Commander, becomes enamored with her.

Clarke's had to deal with loss, not only of loved ones like Wells, but her own involvement in those losses. She killed the man she loved to keep him from a slow, torturous death. She is directly responsible for the death of all the inhabitants of Mount Weather, in order to to keep her own people safe. Above all, she is a survivor, but that ruthlessness extends beyond herself.

Why do you think your character would work in this setting?

Clarke will be accepting Eli's offer. She has recently exiled herself from Camp Jaha after making the choice to kill everyone on Mount Weather and does not feel she can live amongst those who've come from the Ark. She can't go to the Grounders either in light of Lexa's betrayal. Despite this, she has a strong sense of community and she can refocus her sense of purpose on the New Dodge community, who know nothing about the previous choices she's had to make. She'll probably be inclined to stay, if she feels she can lead a peaceful, purposeful life in New Dodge.

Clarke's a pretty friendly person, and she will be fascinated with the prospect of all these different realities. She's noted for having an excellent bedside manner, so her willingness to talk to people and be extroverted should make her cross-canon CR development well done.

What will your character do for work? Clarke will join the clinic staff as a nurse.


The clothes on her back, a utility knife, and a pistol.


Third-Person Sample:

Clarke is used to a contained sky. After all, she's spent most of her life in a contained environment, but at the same time as she walks along the streets of New Dodge, she looks up at the dome with some air of regret. It's surprisingly hard to go back to being unable to see a clear sky that goes on forever even after living under it for such a short time.

Still, right now this place is better than what she would otherwise go back to. What she's done...she can't face the folk of the Ark - no, Camp Jaha. She knows they'd be grateful, most of them anyway, but some have a full understanding of what she's done and it wouldn't be gratefulness she'd see in their eyes. And truth be told, Clarke doesn't know which is worse. All she knew is that she needed to get away, and when Eli made the offer, it didn't take her long to make up her mind. Six months would give her time to think. Time to decide if she could go back, or if maybe it was better that she never see her mom or anyone else from the camp or the Grounders ever again.

No one here would have to know that Clarke had killed all those people. She could focus on the work she'd always wanted to do in the first place and be a healer and an artist, not a makeshift leader to a bunch of desperate, hungry people trying to survive a harsh new world. Clarke just didn't want the responsibility anymore. She couldn't bear it.

As she stood in line for Customs & Processing, it was hard not to ignore the little tingle in her belly which she quickly recognized as the beginning of hope. Hope that she could forget about her past. Hope that she could actually have a future here. She'd certainly lived in worse conditions than a yurt, at least.

First-Person Sample: Clarke explains the nature of nuclear war to Buck.


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